Introducing the OG Danger Dog

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January 29, 2013 by jessicayas

Meet the OG Danger (really Bruno):


Pardon the crappy photo quality. That will hopefully be remedied sometime in the near future. This blog hasn’t even really begun yet, as the official first day of Training Danger will be the day I bring him home. But the backstory is important too, so I will share it here.

This is a blog about my plunge into the land of personal dog ownership. My family always had big dogs- Lab mixes, Golden Retrievers. We used to pride ourselves on being “real dog” owners, and shunned Chihuahuas, miniature poodles and other such breeds as yippy “rat dogs.”

One summer during our annual camping trip, a longtime family friend showed up with Pepper the MinPin. He was a stout little dude- but strong, with a body the size of a football and 4 athletic little legs. Us big dog-lovers were skeptical, but then something funny happened.

Pepper started to grow on all of us- especially our big Golden Retriever Lucy, who was getting to the point in her life where she needed a companion on these trips. As a puppy her boundless curiosity and energy kept her occupied during the entire week-long trip, but as she got older she was much more content to lay out in the sun and intersperse her long naps with bursts of playtime with a younger, goofier dog. We all really fell for Pepper that summer.

Shortly thereafter, my parents decided to grow our family.

They had witnessed the energy boost Lucy got from Pepper that summer and decided it was time to pair her up with a dog all year long. Riley came into our lives in August 2001.

Oh, hai Riley puppy!

At first, Lucy hated him. I don’t know if her attitude was rooted in the “Alpha Dog” reaction that old dogs have to new additions, or if she was just a bit of a scrooge. But eventually she warmed up to him, and our family didn’t know what we would have done without this little munchkin.

Riley now.

When Lucy passed away, we had become a solid 2-dog family. But because of what we had learned about introducing new pets into existing pet households, we didn’t think it would be fair to Riley to bring home a “younger sibling” that would eventually grow to be 5x his size. So…

We bought another MinPin.

About to go hiking with the dynamic duo- Zoey on the left and Riley on the right.

Zoey was the runt of the litter and still looks like a puppy now that she is full grown. You know how humans always wish dogs could look like puppies forever? Well, Zoey has that eternal-puppy-scruff face.

Preeeeetty cute face, eh?

Anyway, we’d officially gone from big-dog aficionados to being the proud owners of  two “rat-dogs.” But hey- we came around, and maybe the haters will too! Keep in mind that disparaging comments of any kind regarding small-dog-love will not be tolerated on the Danger Dog Blog.

My parents, on a casual stroll with the pups

Anyway, fast-forward 5 or 6 years. I live in a lovely apartment with my handsome manfriend. I work full time for an amazing non-profit here in Los Angeles, and I have wanted a dog of my own for awhile now (with various excuses as to why it’s never “the right time.”)

One day, while driving around the neighborhood, I see a copper-toned little one, wandering… by himself… with no leash. And no owner in sight. Naturally, I pick him up.

Well who do we have here?

He was so full of spunk! We became fast friends.

His tag said his name was Danger. I thought that was just great. When no one answered a call to the phone number on his tag, I decided that I was just going to have to take him home for a little while. A mini photo shoot ensued.

How did you get up here??

All right Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up!

Hahahaha look at that goofy face! Too much 🙂

Eventually the owners called back and informed me that his name was not Danger, but Bruno. They had lost his tag and temporarily replaced it with another tag that the actual Danger had outgrown (what a letdown). I continued to call him Danger until his owner came to pick him up.

Anyway, to sum up this very looong introduction to a very simple point, I am working towards the day of my dog-adoption! Due to my family history, I plan to adopt some variation on a MinPin mix, and name him Danger, after my good friend… whose actual name is Bruno. This change comes as I recently moved into a pup-friendly abode with the aforementioned manfriend. Said manfriend is a Corgi-owner (Sadie) and frequent visitor of OCD.

Sadie and me.

I am not sure how long it will take to get settled or how long it will be before I take the plunge into dog-ownerdom. I will likely visit quite a few shelters before making my ultimate decision. But when I do, I’ll be back here to chronicle the life and times of Danger Dog (and hopefully training him, too) right here on this blog.

I will use this blog to share my stories about training this little whipper-snapper, ask for advice when the times get tough, and field submissions from other MinPin lovers to showcase their love for the breed (and dogs in general!)

I hope you’ll join me 🙂


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